Dashboard Homepage

  1. Login to the FLAIM Capture site.
  2.  The FLAIM Capture Dashboard Page will now be displayed.blobid0.png
  3. On the FLAIM Capture Dashboard Page the Organisational Admin User will see the following:
  • Their FLAIM Training Key displayed in the top left of the page.
  • A “Welcome Back” message confirming their name at the of the page.
  • A view menu that will enable the user to toggle between the Organisation User view (which will show as default) and the Student User View that will remove the additional components and features that only Organisational Admin Users have access to.
  • A 'My Account' button displayed in the top right of the page.  

This button can be used to access the following functions:

  • Edit account details
  • Change account Password
  • Logout from the FLAIM Capture site


  • A Language Menu locate in the top right that enables the user to change the language of the interface.  
  • A Menu displayed on the left of the page provides links to:
      • The Dashboard Page (i.e. this page)
      • Students Pages
      • Simulations Pages
      • Units Pages
      • Online Courses Pages
      • Scenarios Pages
      • Statistics Pages
      • Settings Pages


  • Clicking on each link will display the page associated with the label.
  • Clicking on the "Online Courses" link will display a sub-menu link that provides access to several pages that enable course management, including the Course Index Page, the Course Contents Page, the Enrolments Page and the Student Course Catalogue Page.


  • Clicking on the Settings link will display a sub-menu link that provides access to the Users Page where Organisational User Accounts can be created and modified and the Profile Settings Page where the Organisational Profile settings can be viewed and modified.


There are several dashboard tiles displayed on the FLAIM Capture Dashboard Page.  All the metrics displayed are an aggregate of all activity across all units that are linked to the organisation:

  • A tile displaying the total activity time completed using all FLAIM devices linked to the organisation.
  • A tile displaying the total number of Simulation Records stored within FLAIM Capture for the organisation.
  • A chart showing the number of simulations completed by users each week using all FLAIM devices linked to the organisation.
  • The average score achieved by users per scenario using all FLAIM devices linked to the organisation.


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