Enrol a Student in a Course by Searching FLAIM Users


A course must have a status of “Active” to be available for student enrolments.        

  1. Login to the FLAIM Capture site.
  2. The FLAIM Capture Dashboard Page will now be displayed.
  3. Click on the "Online Courses" link displayed within the menu located on the left of the page.
  4. The "Online Courses" sub menu will now be displayed.
  5. Click on the "Course Index" link displayed within the "Online Courses" sub menu.
  6. The Courses Index Page will now be displayed.
  7. Click on the “Greater Than” icon (“>”) displayed at the right of the course which you wish to enrol a learner to.
  8. The Course Details Page of the course you selected will now be displayed.
  9. The "Overview" TAB will be displayed. The "Overview" TAB displays details of the course.
  10. Click on the "Enrolments" link to display the "Enrolments" TAB.
  11. The Course Enrolments Page will now be displayed.
  12. Click on the “Enrol students” button displayed on the top right of the page.
  13. A drop down menu will be displayed.
  14. Click on the “Search students” link.
  15. The Invite student Page will now be displayed.
  16. This page lists all student users within your organisation. The page will enable you to determine which students have been previously invited to enrol in the course and which students are already enrolled in the course.
  17. You can use the filters provided within the page to assist you in identifying specific students.
  18. When you have identified a student who you wish to enrol click on the “+” icon located to the right of the student record.
  19. A confirmation message will be displayed confirming that an email to invite the student to enrol in the course has been sent.
  20. You can now invite other students to enrol, or you can exit this page by clicking on the “Back to enrolments” button.
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