V3 - Set device name


Exit Kiosk Mode

To continue setup, you will need to exit kiosk mode.

  1.  Hold headset circle confirm button (left hand side of the headset) - for 3-5 seconds until a menu appears. 
  2. Using gaze input - select exit kiosk mode
  3. The VIVE home screen should now appear
  4. Continue with 'Set Device Name'

Set Device Name

  1. Select Settings
  2. Go to "General" > "About" > "Device Name"
  3. Make sure the Device name matches the serial number found on the front sticker of the headset. ie. FLAIM40XXX
  4. Once complete, continue with 'Enter Kiosk Mode'

Enter Kiosk Mode

  1. Put down the tracker and use the right controller to navigate to Settings > Kiosk mode
  2. Select 'Assigned apps'. 
  3. Important! - Make sure 'Hub' is the only assigned app. 
    No other  app should be assigned besides the 'Hub' app
    Assign the 'Hub' app, if it isn't already. 
  4. Select 'Enter kiosk mode' at the bottom right of the screen. The Flaim Launcher should now appear. 
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