4. Batteries


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Maintenance: The batteries used by FLAIM Trainer are high capacity and should be treated with respect. Avoid dropping, extreme temperatures and exposure to liquids.

Batteries should be inspected before and after use. If swelling, cuts, nicks or damage to the pack is detected, replace and recycle according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Batteries should be charged before and after use. Batteries should never be left connected to the SCBA sets for extended periods.

Failure to manage batteries may result in damage to the FLAIM Trainer.


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Important: Batteries should be charged in an open area, ideally on a cement or non-combustible surface, away from ignition sources and flammable objects. All batteries should be charged under supervision with appropriate fire protection in place (dry chemical extinguisher).

FLAIM cannot guarantee 'no name batteries' and will not warrant FLAIM hardware when incorrect batteries are used.


SCBA battery


Batteries should not be charged when hot. They may require a 30 minute cooling period once removed from an SCBA before charging is commenced. The included batteries have a thermal safety mechanism built in and will not charge if too hot.


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Important: If purchasing batteries, please ensure only genuine Milwaukee, 6Ah or 12Ah batteries are used.

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