9. Safety and travel advice


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Important: FLAIM Trainer must not be used for operational or actual firefighting, live fire training using gas fired, carbonaceous or other fuelled fire training, in wet conditions or where exposed to direct water or other firefighting liquids and agent streams.


Travelling with batteries

The batteries used by the FLAIM Trainer system are designed to be transported in their protective case when travelling by road.

When travelling by air, most airlines require the batteries for the SCBA to be carried on board the aircraft as part of hand luggage. Airlines generally require the terminals to be taped to prevent in-advertent short circuit. Please check with your airline before travel, as some airlines require pre-approval for batteries of this capacity to travel.

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Important: It is important to notify check-in staff about the equipment. When X-rayed, the SCBA sets may look like operational sets and as such airline staff often assume that the sets are pressurised. In order to reduce travel delay it is best to show / inform staff prior to check in. All batteries should also be removed from the support case and carried on board the aircraft.



The SCBA sets weigh approximately 6kg and should not be worn by users with back problems. Generally, if users are not able to wear SCBA operationally then they should refrain from wearing the SCBA set.

When performing community engagement, small children and the elderly are discouraged from wearing the SCBA. Please contact FLAIM Systems to ask about weighting the SCBA.

When travelling with the system care should be taken when lifting the units and their travel cases.

Cases weigh between 16kg / 35lbs for Case 2 and 32kg / 71lbs for Case 1, depending on fit out.

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