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Knowing how to respond to fires quickly and effectively is essential to saving lives.

To enable first responders to do this, FLAIM Systems has created the FLAIM Extinguisher. It uses virtual reality to deliver a realistic fire training experience to those who respond to emergencies, assisting to teach them the important skills needed for dealing with different kinds of fires.

By using this system, users can practice in a safe, but realistic matter and become better prepared and feel more confident about handling emergencies.

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Register the FLAIM Extinguisher unit

Register the FLAIM Extinguisher unit by scanning the QR code on the packaging box that your extinguisher comes in or go to www.flaimsystems.com/register. This will assist with warranty/ support and ensure that you receive notification of any software updates and access to the latest scenarios (while the unit is in subscription).


The FLAIM Systems Team


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