2. What's in the box?


In this section, we'll overview the individual parts that come in your FLAIM Extinguisher unit.

Everything comes inside the FLAIM Extinguisher System case (shown below):

EXT product box from above - white bg.jpg

Inside the FLAIM Extinguisher case.png


Case checklist

Use the following checklist to familiarise yourself with the FLAIM Extinguisher unit.

1. FLAIM Extinguisher User Manual (you must register for support to access this site)



2. Safety guide (box)


3. Extinguisher bottle

Extinguisher Bottle.jpg

4. Trigger assembly

Trigger Assembly.jpg

5. Hose tracker


Hose Tracker.jpg

6. VR headset


7. VR headset battery

Headset Battery.jpg

8. HDMI receiver or FLAIM receiver

HDMI Reciever.jpgFLAIM Receiver Transparent.png

9. HDMI extension cable

HDMI extension cable.png

10. International adaptor

International adaptor.jpg

11. USB A to USB C cable

USB A to USB C Charger.jpg

12. HDMI F to F adaptor


13. Headset charger

Headset Charger.jpg

14. USB C Y splitter cable


15. Left controller

Left Controller.jpg


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