2. What's in the case?


The equipment is spread through several layers within the one case. Use this list to familiarise yourself with everything included.

Please see the Quick Start Guide attached at the bottom of this page.


Layer 1

1. Portable monitor (optional extra)


2. VR headset



3. VR headset battery 1



Labelled Diagram 1.jpg


Layer 2

4. Extinguisher bottle

Extinguisher Bottle.jpg

5. VR headset battery 2


6. Headset charger case

Headset Charging Case.jpg

Labelled Diagram 2.jpg


Layer 3

Remove the foam to access the following:

7. Trigger assembly and hose tracker

Trigger Assembly Cropped.jpg

Hose Tracker Cropped.jpg


8. International USB charger


9. International USB plugs


10. Replacement face and rear VR headset cushions


11. Miracast case

Miracast Case.jpg

Labelled Diagram 3.jpg


Headset charger case

The headset charger case contains:

12. USB-C Y splitter cable


13. International headset charger

Headset Charger.jpg

Labelled Diagram 4.jpg


Miracast case

14. HDMI to Micro HDMI cable


15. USB-A to USB-C Y splitter cable



16. USB-A to USB-C cable



17. HDMI cable



18. FLAIM receiver

FLAIM Receiver Transparent.png


Labelled Diagram 5.jpg


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