5. Setting up the FLAIM Extinguisher

Step 1: Turn on the FLAIM receiver

The FLAIM Extinguisher receiver allows the trainer and others in the room to view a mirror (copy) of the VR headset screen on a TV or monitor.

  1. Remove the FLAIM receiver and HDMI cable from the case.
  2. Connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI end of the FLAIM receiver.
  3. Plug the HDMI end into the HDMI port on the TV / monitor.

    Note: If using the monitor supplied, connect the HDMI micro adapter to the HDMI socket.

  4. Plug the USB lead into the USB port on the TV / monitor.

    Note: If using the monitor supplied, connect the USB A to USB C Y splitter cable into the monitor and FLAIM receiver. Use the international USB adaptor.

    Illustration 13 connect the streaming device to the power supply.jpg

  5. A white light will illuminate on the FLAIM receiver once powered.
    Important Logo White.svg

    Important: Certain TVs, monitors, or projectors might not provide sufficient power through their built-in USB port. If the indicator light is off or you are experiencing poor image quality, it likely means that the USB port doesn't have enough power.

    In such cases, please use the provided international USB adaptor plugged into a power outlet.


Step 2: Select the input source

  1. Turn on the TV / monitor.
  2. Select the source on the TV / monitor.

    The 'is ready to connect' screen should display on the TV / monitor.

    Ready to Connect Screen.jpg


Step 3: Set up the extinguisher bottle

Important Logo White.svg

Important: Take care when assembling to prevent cross-threading

  1. Remove the extinguisher bottle and trigger assembly from the case.
  2. Screw the trigger assembly onto the extinguisher bottle.

    Note: Orientate the hose tracker with the bulb facing upwards (vertical).
    Setting up extinguisher bottle.jpg


Step 4: Set up the VR headset

  1. Remove the VR headset from the case.
  2. Single press the power button on the VR headset battery to check the power level.
    Important Logo White.svg

    Important: If one of the four battery indicator LEDs are flashing white, this means the VR headset battery is low. Refer to the battery charging instructions in the this article.

  3. Fit the VR headset.

    Tip: Loosen the adjustment knob and place the VR headset over the eyes first before sliding it over the back of the head.

  4. Press and hold the VR headset power button.

    Headset power on button.jpg

  5. Look directly at the floor whenever the moving triangle image is displayed. This is essential for accurate floor height calibration.

    VR headset calibration.jpg


    The VR headset will complete its start-up sequence. The start-up sequence is complete when the FLAIM Launcher is visible in the VR headset.

Step 5: Power on the controller tracking system

  1. Holding the extinguisher bottle, short press the highlighted buttons to wake up the hose tracker and trigger assembly. The hose tracker and trigger assembly will power on and the status indicator light will flash blue, then turn green.
    Power on the controller tracking system.jpg
    Important Logo White.svg

    Important: If the status indicator light is flashing red, the hose tracker / trigger assembly battery is low. Refer to the battery charging instructions in the this article.

  2. Fit the VR headset into position on to your head. Ensure the extinguisher assembly is close by.
  3. Pick up the extinguisher assembly. Move the hose around to ensure that the hose and bottle are tracking within the virtual environment.

    Tip: You will know this is working as a laser will appear emitting from the hose tracker.


Step 6: Cast onto external display

  1. When in the VR headset, use the hose tracker to select the Connect to display button from the toolbar (highlighted below).
  2. Select the FLAIM device by clicking on its name (e.g. FLAIMXXX).

    Note: If the laser is not visible, press the hose tracker interaction button once.

  3. You should see 'Connecting to this display' on your television or projector. It may take 10-20 seconds to connect.
  4. FLAIM Extinguisher will now be streaming to the external display. It will show the VR headset view.

    Note: It will only stream while the headset is placed on your head. The external display will pause when the headset is removed.

  5. If the overlay remains visible, short press the trigger assembly power button once to close the menu.
    Trigger Assembly Controller Power On Button.jpg


Step 7: Connect to Wi-Fi

  1. In the headset, use the hose tracker to select the Wi-Fi button (highlighted below) from the toolbar.
  2. Select the Wi-Fi network to connect to, and select the password box which will open the virtual keyboard.
  3. Use the virtual keyboard to enter the password. Press Enter to complete the password.
  4. Select Connect and wait for a message popup at the bottom of your view to confirm Connected.
  5. Use the hose tracker laser to select the X button and close the overlay.

    Hose tracker teleport and interact button.jpg



Step 8: Launch the FLAIM Extinguisher

  1. In the FLAIM Launcher starting screen, use the hose tracker to select Extinguisher.
  2. Press Launch.
  3. The following screen will display:
    Categories Screen.jpg


Step 9: Setting up the user

Communication with the user is critical to ensure both comfort and a quality experience.

  1. Fit the VR headset to the user.
    Tip: Place the VR Headset over the eyes, then slide it over the back of the head.
  2. Tighten the VR headset using the adjustment wheel at the back of the headset and on top using the strap.
  3. Instruct the user to look directly at the floor whenever the moving triangle image is displayed.
    VR headset calibration.jpg
  4. Adjust the headset lens spacing using the dial for better experience (if required).
    Lens adjustment dial.jpg


Step 10: Enter training details for Capture

To ensure that the training results are recorded in Capture, complete the following steps to enter your training key for the session. If you don’t have a training key, speak with your Organisation Administrator.


Select the Profile icon in the top right corner (head silhouette).

Profile Icon.jpg

The User Onboarding screen will display:

User Onboarding screen.jpg


Select New User.

The User Onboarding (Enter Training Key) screen will display:

User Onboarding Enter Key Screen.jpg


Enter the Training Key.


Select the Categories tab.

You will be returned to the Categories tab.


Step 11: Select and run a scenario

Please see the below video to edit the available categories displayed on the Extinguisher menu.

  1. Launch the FLAIM Extinguisher.

    Categories Menu.jpg

  2. Select Categories and then select a preferred category. A list of scenarios for the selected category will display.
    Scenarios Menu.jpg
  3. Select the preferred scenario. The following screen will display, ensure the user is standing in the center of the training space:

    FLAIM Scenario Standing Point.jpg

    Important Logo White.svg

    Important: When selecting in and out of a scenario, you will need to return to the point of origin.

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