7. Training with FLAIM Extinguisher


The FLAIM Extinguisher is a valuable tool for developing crucial first responder skills and boosting confidence. It provides a method to practice the skills required in a genuine fire emergency, but within the secure confines of a controlled virtual environment. This approach supports learning for when you encounter a real fire situation, with the aim of knowing how to respond effectively and ensure the safety of everyone involved.

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Important notes

  • Proper Handling: Users should hold the hose of the FLAIM Extinguisher, not the tracker, to prevent any interference with the tracking system.
  • Assistance with wearing the headset: Assist the user in wearing the headset and make sure they are familiar with using an actual extinguisher before engaging with the FLAIM Extinguisher.


Process for completing FLAIM Extinguisher scenarios

The process for completing FLAIM Extinguisher scenarios is:

1. Pick up the extinguisher

Hold the extinguisher trigger with your dominant hand and hold the hose with your other hand (avoid holding the controller at the hose's end).


2. Become familiar with the extinguisher

Get a feel for the weight of the extinguisher and notice how the laser pointer moves.


3. Explore the scenario

Enter a virtual scenario and look around to locate the fire. The scenarios are designed to be challenging, so you might need to explore to find the fire. This practice hones your attention and problem-solving skills.


4. Aim and extinguish

When you spot the fire, squeeze the extinguisher handle like you would with a real extinguisher to aim at the virtual flames. Follow the P.A.S.S technique to extinguish the fire.

  • P = Pull the pin
  • A = Aim low, pointing the extinguisher nozzle at the base of the fire
  • S = Squeeze the handle to release the extinguisher agent
  • S = Sweep (from side to side) at the base of the fire and watch for re-ignition


5. Experience the realism of the scenario

As you use the extinguisher in the virtual world, the virtual fire reacts just like it would in the real-world.


6. Learn and improve

Engage in various scenarios within the virtual world to enhance your fire-handling abilities. With each practice session, your knowledge will expand, and your confidence will grow.


Learning about the different extinguishers

Select the Extinguishers tab to learn about the various types of extinguishers and their role in fire suppression. Virtual extinguishers will appear in front of the user. Aim the controller laser at one to highlight the information about its role in fire suppression.

Extinguishers Screen.jpg


Learning the P.A.S.S technique

The Technique tab walks users through the extinguisher PASS technique.

The entire technique is shown below:

Illustration 25 fire extinguisher use new.jpg

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