Editing a Playlist (Extinguisher)

Once a Playlist has been published in Capture, it's not possible to edit the virtual reality scenarios included within it. However you can duplicate a Playlist, make changes to the name, description and content, and then save it as a new version (with a new name).

If you no longer require the original Playlist, you can archive it. This will remove it from all VR units you previously assigned it to. 


To 'edit' a Playlist:

  1. Open any Playlist from your Course Index list and select the Settings button. The button will change to say Actions instead.  Settings.png
  2.  Select the Actions button, and then select Duplicate course in the drop-down menu. Actions.png
  3. Navigate to the Course content tab to edit the content included in the Playlist. To change the name or description of the Playlist, select the Settings button, then select Save.Edit.png
  4. When you're happy with the changes, use the Settings / Actions button again, and select Publish course in the dropdown menu, then Save. Your new Playlist is now available in your Course Index. Remember to assign the Playlist to your unit/s to make it available in your VR headset/s. Publish and Save.png
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