How to enable a Playlist (choosing an active Playlist in the headset)

The Playlist feature allows you to control the scenarios that are displayed in the Playlist tab, when using the VR headset.
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Playlists are created in Capture through the course functionality and assigned to a unit (a VR headset). When you connect the headset to the internet, any new Playlists will automatically download from Capture and into the VR headset. Learners can then choose a Playlist to display in the Playlists tab, from all available options in the headset.
Up to 10 Playlists can be assigned to each headset.
Note, for steps on how to first create a Playlist in Capture, please refer to Create a Playlist (Extinguisher) 

Enabling a Playlist

On launching Extinguisher, the learner sees the Lobby screen where both the Categories and Playlist tabs displayed. If a specific Playlist has been enabled in the headset, it will be displayed in the Playlist tab.


If there is no Playlist displayed (or to change the Playlist currently displayed), please follow these steps:

  1. Select the Settings button (cogwheel) in the top right corner of the Lobby. The Settings screen is displayed.
  2. Select the cog wheel next to the Enable Playlist button.Enable Playlist.png
  3. Select the Playlist you want to make the active Playlist (this means it will display in the Playlist tab)Active Playlist.pngNote, if there are multiple Playlists available, you can disable a Playlist in the same way. There must always be an active Playlist.
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