How to change the Capture server location [FLAIM Extinguisher]


This information is specifically related to the FLAIM Extinguisher product.


To change the server location for Capture data, follow these steps.

Note, that this adjustment is typically necessary during the setup process and should not be made while in production. Capture data, which includes all simulation metrics, is stored on designated servers. The available options are the World server (default, based in Australia), UK/EU server and UAE server.


How to set the data server

1. First go to the FLAIM Launcher. This is the where the headset will boot into

2. Select the settings button on the toolbar.

3. The default setting is 'World'. To change, select World to display a new selection screen. 


4. From the options available, select your Capture server location.

If you are unsure which option to select, please contact and we will confirm the correct location.

Capture Server Selection.png


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