Repair Controllers - Old V2

To fix please follow the following steps:

  1. Download the attached file onto a Windows PC.
  2. Unzip somewhere safe.
  3. Turn on the headset
  4. Plug the headset into the PC’s USB port via the charging cable
  5. Run the file '1- Exit Kiosk Mode.bat'
  6. It will show a black window after a few seconds with Press and key to continue….  There should not be the text no device/emulators found.(Example below)
  7. Turn the headset off using the power button (5 second push)
  8. Turn the headset back on using the power button
  9. You will now be in the default device lobby
  10. Now using the large button on the right hand side of the headset and head movements (blue circle) you can navigate around the environment.
  11. Navigate to ’Settings’
  12. Navigate to ‘Controller’ (Second from the top, under WiFi)
  13. Navigate to ‘Controller Configuration’
  14. Select 'Unbind'
  15. Confirm that you want to unbind controllers
  16. Once controllers have been unpaired, Select 'Add Controller'
  17. The headset will now show that it is searching for controllers. On each controller hold down the 'Menu' and 'Trigger buttons' for 4 seconds to turn on pairing mode.
  18. Both the controllers should now be connected to the headset.

Once paired:

  1. Make sure the headset is connected to your computer and run the file '2 - Enter Kiosk Mode’
  2. Turn the headset off and back on again.

Every thing should have returned to normal.

Please connect your headset to the internet and leave connected to power overnight so that we can remotely update your system and you won’t see this error again.


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