TV Set Up

Below are simple steps to connect a HDMI Receiver to an HDTV. It comes with a Receiver, a USB power cord, and a HDMI extension cable. To use the HDMI Receiver, your TV needs to have an available HDMI port and an available USB port*.

  1. Get the USB cable and plug the small end into the wireless display receiver.
  2. Plug the receiver into an available HDMI port on your TV. 
  3. Connect the large end of the USB cable to an available USB port* on your TV. This will supply power to the wireless display receiver.
  4. Turn the TV on and select the input source until you see “Ready to Connect.” **

* If a USB port is not available on your TV, you can plug the power cord into an outlet using a spare phone charger.
** If the TV screen remains black, it means your TV may not be supplying enough power. In this case, plug the USB cord into a spare phone charger and plug it in to an outlet.

Note: Recommended minimum power supply output at-least 5V 1A

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