FLAIM Trainer System Updates

To download the FLAIM Trainer updates you will need a separate PC connected to the internet and go to our website: (https://flaimsystems.com/login) once the file has downloaded please transfer the files onto a USB drive - Recommended at-least 16GB and formatted into either NTFS or ExFat

  1. Once the files have been transferred to the USB drive you can insert the drive into the SCBA.
    Please ensure you have a fully charged battery prior to installation.
  2. To update your system, please open the installer files folder and double click 'FLAIM Installer'Capture.PNG

The System will start the update process. If there are additional software updates, the system will automatically update as seen below:



For example: SteamVR


Click 'I agree to the license terms and conditions' then click 'Install'


After the installation of SteamVR click 'Close'


If there are any other additional packages required, please follow the instructions provided onscreen.

  1. After the installation of prerequisite programs the system will initiate the installation of the FLAIM Trainer Software.

  2. Click 'I agree to the license terms and conditions' then click 'Install'4.PNG
  3. Please wait while the install progresses.13.PNG
  4. Please close the corresponding programs (if open)14.PNG
  5. Follow the prompts and accept changes.
  6. Restart the SCBA upon completion.

  7. Once the System has restarted; using the iPad open the FLAIM App and tap 'Settings'14.PNG
  8. Tap the drop down menu of 'Select simulation version'Screen_Shot_2022-05-05_at_13.36.26.png
  9. Tap the Sim version you wish to use.
  10. To enable changes tap 'Trainer Simulation' this will restart the FLAIM Trainer application with the appropriate Sim Version. 

Please contact support@flaimsystems.com for any technical support issues.

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