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FLAIM Trainer has a number of batteries that must be charged and maintained for optimal usage. It is critical that all batteries are checked for damage before and after use.

If any battery shows signs of damage or swelling, then please dispose of safely. 

Lithium polymer batteries can pose a fire risk if improperly stored, charged or maintained. Please treat them with respect and only charge them under supervision in a safe area. 

Failure to manage batteries may result in damage to FLAIM Trainer.

Main battery charging

The main battery is connected to the charger by sliding it into its charge bay. The main battery should be fully charged within ~60 minutes and last ~60-70 minutes of solid use.


Tracker battery charging

The tracker batteries are charged by removing them from the tripods and connecting them in turn to the supplied charger. The tracker batteries take ~1 hour to charge and should last a full day of operation or more.


Nozzle battery replacement 

The nozzle batteries are non-rechargeable standard off the shelf AAA batteries. They can be replaced when the nozzle fails to connect. 

Nozzle puck charging 

The nozzle puck is charged via a micro USB cable supplied in the kit. This USB cable can be connected to a USB power brick or the USB port on the left side of the battery charger. When fully charged, the power light should show a solid white colour. The nozzle puck should last ~8hrs and charge within 1 hour. 


iPad charging 

Connect iPad to a power outlet using the included cable and power adapter

iPad connected to a USB-C Power Adapter plugged into a power outlet.

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