How do I clean the VR headset and hand controller?

Use a small amount of alcohol or cleaning solution, or a soft, dry cloth, preferably one that's made for cleaning lenses.

Avoid using organic solvents, to clean the device.

-Product care

Please wipe the lens with the lens cleaning cloth dipped into a small amount of alcohol or cleaning solution.mceclip0.png

- Replace and clean the face cushion

Please follow the figure below to put the face cushion into the VR Headset gap along the edge.

The removal steps are reversed.mceclip1.png

*Note: It is recommended to wipe the face cushion with a small amount of water. No dry cleaning, machine washing, exposure to the sun or contact with organic solvents. Otherwise, it may be less comfortable when the face cushion contacts your face, and the chance of the glasses colliding with the optical lens may increase. 

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