Maintaining VR equipment cleanliness

Before you begin, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly. For PC VR headsets, unplug the headset cable. Follow the steps below to clean your VR equipment and keep it hygienic.

  1. For PC VR headsets, remove the face cushion.Replacing the face cushion
  2. Clean the lenses (and eye trackers for VIVE Pro Eye):
    1. Use an air pump to blow away dust and particles from the lenses (and trackers).
    2. Use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe the lenses (and trackers).

      Wipe in a circular motion from the center to the outer edges. While cleaning the lenses, be careful not to scratch the lenses or disassemble other parts of the headset.

  3. Clean the face cushion: Cleaning the face cushion
    • For a foam cushion, clean using a water-damp cloth.

      Completely dry at room temperature.

    • For a leather cushion, clean using one of the recommended disinfectants or wipes.

      Dry it using paper towels to remove residue from disinfectants. This helps prevent possible skin irritation or allergies.

    For PC VR headsets, reattach the cushion.

  4. For PC VR headsets, clean the headphone pads:

    Dampen a microfiber cloth with water and use it to gently wipe the surface of the headphone pads. To avoid damaging the headphones, make sure water is not dripping from the cloth into the headphones.

  5. Using one of the recommended disinfectants or wipes, clean the hard surfaces you touch the most, such as the top and bottom parts of the visor, headset band, adjustment dial on the back side of the headset, and the controller handle.
  6. Completely air dry the headset and controllers.
  7. Before wearing the headset, putting on disposable covers such as disposable face masks and head caps is recommended. This helps keep the headset hygienic.Please get in contact to order a FLAIM Hygiene Kits
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