FLAIM Community Update - 2021 R3 FLAIM Trainer and Extinguisher

FLAIM Community, our latest software release is here!

During this last quarter, we have been busy working behind the scenes to expand our offering and upgrade our solutions. We are now excited to share with you not only our latest software and scenario updates but also report on the latest from FLAIM’s team and partners around the world.

Here is what you will find in this article:

  • A message from FLAIM Founder and CTO James Mullins
  • FLAIM Trainer and FLAIM Extinguisher Updates
  • FLAIM Team updates
  • Product registration and download instructions
  • Latest news

We love seeing how invested and engaged our community is. It has been great seeing the comments, photos, and videos our global community has been posting on social media. We encourage you to keep sharing this amazing content with both your connections and organisations to increase awareness of how immersive VR solutions are a game-changer for fire and safety training.

A message from FLAIM Founder and CTO James Mullins

Video message from FLAIM founder and CTO James Mullins


FLAIM Trainer Updates

This release features the first look at our new residential compartment system. This means denser and more realistic smoke and now also includes smoke flow between compartments. Visibility is subsequently markedly reduced, creating a more realistic and claustrophobic experience, and making it essential for trainees to get low and under the neutral plane.

Our upcoming occupant rescue system is being trialled in the Residential Bedroom Fire scenario, with a collapsed mother and her two hiding children needing to be rescued.

There is now a Power-Pole Top Fire scenario involving a sparking transformer and potential line collapse. Trainees can suppress the fire by pulsing or lobbing, but the user of a continuous direct stream will result in electrocution.


New Lobby

In a really exciting update, the VR lobby where trainees wait while instructors initiate scenarios is now a realistic-looking fire station where they can take tutorials on the user interface and use of the fire hose and nozzle.

The new lobby also features an incident alert system which is triggered when the instructor runs a scenario and trainees now must accept call-outs to begin. In future updates, they will also have to select PPE and the map route to the incident.


Biometric Package

In this release, we’re soft-launching our biometrics package for FLAIM Trainer.  A user can attach an arm-worn heart rate monitor and capture real-time high update information on-air usage (breaths per minute) and heart rate (beats per minute). In the near future, we’ll be supporting logging against user actions so we can determine stress reactions due to incident exposure.  We’re really excited about the data that we’ll be able to capture and the learning opportunities that will come for our trainees.


Biometric Package Preview

Biometric Package Preview

If you’re interested in trailing this feature, please reach out to support@flaimsystems.com and we’ll let you know what hardware you need and how to configure it for use.


New/Updated Scenarios at a glance

To access the latest FLAIM Trainer Scenarios, visit FLAIM Portal.


FLAIM Extinguisher Updates

This release showcases our first air ambulance fire scenarios: a helicopter exhaust fire on the tarmac and a tense inflight fire with a pilot and patient on board.

We have added a manually triggered suppression system to the food truck, as well as a new and more involved scenario where a fat fire has spread to paper items on the adjoining benchtop. Additionally, all fat fires now feature gas burners that can be turned off by the trainee.

There is also a new and quite dramatic scene involving a solvent fire in a fume hood in a science laboratory.

To round things off we have added a rooftop arcing electricity solar panel fire which showcases PVStop, a specialised suppressant used to deactivate solar panels.

Finally, we have put together an online calculator that shows you how much you might be able to save on your fire safety training when you adopt immersive VR solutions.


New/Updated Scenarios at a glance

To access the latest FLAIM Extinguisher Scenarios, visit FLAIM Portal.


FLAIM Team Updates

FLAIM has continued to expand in the last few months as we continue to build a first-class team to support our growing global customer base. We would like to welcome:

  • Pauline Hugler – People & Culture Manager
  • Bernaba Balili – Marketing Executive
  • Craig Lapsley – Strategic Advisor – Fire & Emergency Services
  • Greg Mildenhall – Senior Developer
  • Gregg Barnett – moves to a new role: Director of Software Development 


FLAIM Portal

Have you registered your product yet?

Registering your FLAIM product in the portal is important because it is where:

  • Your warranty details are kept;
  • You can access the latest software updates (which is necessary to ensure best product performance);
  • You can submit support tickets and request new features

You can register a product by using this helpful guide.


Latest News

  • FLAIM USA:  In August, our USA team brought FLAIM Systems to FDIC International in Indianapolis. The testimonials have been great with attendees defining the solutions as amazing, unbelievable and, “mind-boggling.” Watch the video here. We also had a successful showing at the CalChiefs conference in San Diego a few weeks ago with our great partners Darley.
  • FLAIM GERMANY: Thanks to Kevin Reiter and the team at KRS Simulations for showcasing FLAIM Extinguisher to the German market.
  • FLAIM GREECE: As always, it has been great to see the wide reach of FLAIM within the worldwide fire & safety community. Here is an article on FLAIM Trainer that appeared on Fire Rescue Pedia in Greece. Thank you to George Demonakos from Paralos Training for organising the demonstration and to Alexandre and Stephane Zafiriou for trying our solutions and providing feedback.
  • FLAIM NEW ZEALAND: We continue to receive great support from Training Simulators Ltd. If you are in NZ and your training organization is looking to introduce immersive training solutions to your fire safety curriculum, Nellis Basson (on LinkedIn here) is the person to talk to.


Upcoming Events

  • VCOS Symposium in the Sun (Clearwater, FL, USA), November 11-14th : This event addresses the unique needs of volunteer and combination departments including transitioning from a volunteer to a combination department, recruitment and retention, leadership, and management, staffing, and more. We will be there with Darley USA to showcase our solutions. You can register here.


Are looking to expand your immersive training capability? Contact FLAIM to organise a demo!

As always, if you require assistance or would like to provide feedback/suggestions, feel free to contact us at any time: support@flaimsystems.com.

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