Important: Do's and don'ts


  • Prepare several microfiber cloths to use for cleaning. Make sure they are dust free.
  • Make sure your microfiber cloth is damp—not dripping—when moistening. Liquid dripping into the headset or controllers could cause damage.
  • Use a water-dampened microfiber cloth to wipe the headphone pads (on PC VR headsets).
  • Use only a dry microfiber cloth to wipe lenses or eye trackers.
  • Using a UVC cleaner is an effective and recommended way to decontaminate VR headsets and controllers. Before using a UVC cleaner on your VR devices, make sure to properly cover the headset lenses. Discoloration due to UV exposure is not covered by warranty.

... and don'ts

  • Do not spray disinfectants or other liquids directly on VR equipment.
  • Do not apply disinfectants or wipes to foam material (such as foam face cushions), fabric (such as straps), or sensitive components (such as lenses or eye trackers).
  • Do not dip or soak the headset or controllers in liquid.
  • Aside from the above recommendations, do not use other organic solvents for cleaning the exterior of headsets, controllers, or accessories. Do not use acidic liquids.
  • Do not tumble dry, iron, or expose face cushions to direct sunlight.
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